Christiansen; Borum; Andersen; Knudsen; Madsen;  

Beckmann; Vestergaard; Mikkelsen; Borg; Jensen; Grøn.


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Foto: © Ingmar Madsen

We met at. 15.00 in Holstebro Rowing Club's facilities at the Hydroelectric power lake in Holstebro.

Tove, Ingrid, Bodil, Anders, Bo, Margit, Lisbeth, Ole, Inge Marie and Børge

After coffee with cake, apple pie, jew cakes and Fried Cookies that were lined up to spice spirits contest.

There was notified an St. John's wort, one chicory and a blackthorn spirits.

Bodil, Bo and Asta

Behind the glass, counting money - is there enough money, or you must have debt for many years?

The competition starts.

Rita, Anders, Ole and Jørgen 

It goes a little listlessly at the start. 

Egon and Rita

So gather there courage.

Bo, Inger, Margit, Egon and Asta.

First tasted carefully.

Kaj, Anders and Bo

Since there were discussions.

Flemming, Agnes and Inger

And evaluated.

 Lone, Knud Erik, Rita and Ingrid


There was argued for and against and tasted again.

Egon, Lisbeth, Flemming, Lone and Rita

Others had decided.

Ole, Peter, Børge and Anne Lise

There were performed lobbying.

Jørgen, Bo, Dorrit and Peter

There was conceived. (there were looking at pictures)

Pauli, Anne Grethe, Margit and Villy

Should it be the one, the other or the third?

Bettina, Jan, Susie, Erik and Leif

Voting papers returned under heavy surveillance by one vote counts.

Solveig, Agnes, Anders and Bodil

Even the youngest were taken on the advice.

Betina, Kathrine, Jan and Susanne

Then it just before the final decisions are taken.

Jørgen, Anne Grethe, Margit, Pauli, Henny, Tove, Jørgen and Inge Marie

So lacking just one ballot.

Margit, Villy, Pauli and Ole

So the vote is over and there started more free tasting.

Bo, Jan, Kaj, Asta, Bruno (debutant), Susie, Erik, Leif and Betina

While the vote is determined. There is bustle in the kitchen.

Kaj and Bente

Plenty of relaxation while the tellers decide the outcome.

Kaj, Solveig, Egon, Ingmar and Lone

And so were counted votes.

Jørgen and Anders

Finally published the results of vote counts Anders.

Waiting anxiously for the result.

Agnes, Jørgen, Bodil, Børge, Susanne, Inger, Lisbeth, Susie Betina and Flemming

The excitement is pulled.

Lone, Knud Erik, Ole, Rita, Kaj, Solveig and Egon

But eventually the Year herb schnapps presented to Bodil for her successful Blackthorn schnapps.


Jørgen, Erna, Bruno, Ole, Pauli, Henny and Jørgen


Then burned tobacco.

Anders, Ingmar, Margit, Villy, Ole and Dorrit

Thank you for taking consideration.



Knud Erik, Rita and Bo.




Jørgen, Ingmar, Egon and Bo

Ole, Dorit, Tove Anders, Ole, Anne Lise and Peter

Lisbeth, Flemming, Lone Knud Erik, Rita, Kaj, Solveig and Egon

Anne Lise, Ole and Ole

Flemming, Lone, Knud Erik, Rita, Tove, Kaj, Anne Lise, Solveig, Egon og Agnes.

Susie, Erik, Ingmar, Bo, Betina, Jan and Susanne

Lisbeth, Jørgen, Erna, Bruno, Pauli, Henny, Jørgen and Inge Marie

Pauli, Henny, Jørgen and Jørgen

Lisbeth, Jørgen, Erna and Bruno

Tipoldebarn Kathrine and Susie


Ingmar, Bo and Pauli


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