After primary school in 1964, I came apprenticed as a carpenter and received my certificate in 1968. Then I went on constructing architect school 

and in 1973 I was finished as Constructing Architect BTH. 

After military service in the Navy, I worked by an engineering office to 1975 when I was hired by Ringkøbing County 

Public water management. 

In 1978, I was employed by Holstebro Municipality building inspectorate, where I worked until 1987, then I have been

employed at Holstebro Technical School as teacher at Carpenter Department until December 1, 2009, after which I chose to retire.


My spare time, has, in my younger days, been used on motorcycles, music, handball, badminton, rifle shooting. In adult life, the time

has been allocated to House Renovations, sailing, cooking, computer technology and music instruments. After retirement the time is spent with

our new cottage and musical instruments. 

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