Drawings of our house on Voldgade

The drawings are made over a period of 25 years

Measuring up Drawing of the house as it was when we bought it in 1977

The first attempt at a cover over the basement entrance during renovation of the scullery room in basement

there were found rats under the basement floor. 1980

Interior alterations / renovations of scullery in 1980

Sectional drawing and image of the scullery and staircase with a roof over. 1980

Sketch of the roof above the main staircase and carport 1991

Sectional drawing through carport with glass shed roof over the staircase 1991

Plan drawing of Carport 1991

The draft to the covered balcony, drawing made in 1985

Final drawing for authority approval in 2002

Work on the construction of to the covered balcony, completed in 2004

Plan and elevation drawing of the interior renovation of the living room and kitchen 2000

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