Holiday house in Agger




                                    The old house.

                                    Demolition of the old house.    

                                    Drawings for the new house.   

                                    Building of the new house




Photos of holiday house made in 1972.

Photos of dismantling, disposal and cleanup.

Drawings for application for building permission.

Photos of construction of the new house.


See the building process as film / slide on YouTube


Vacation law has existed for 75 years in 2013.

In this context, creates Working people's museum, a special exhibition about the Danes and their holiday.

Among other things, the museum will show some Danes who build their own holiday house.

I have been asked if they could use parts from my film.

I have therefore made a shortened and revised version as

match what the museum would like to show.

See the abridged version of the Slide / Film on YouTube



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